SCEE center

Siberian Center of European Education (SCEE) is a specialized information and advisory platform created in the framework of Erasmus Mundus, Action 3 project «SCEE: Founding Siberian Centre of European Education», whose overall aim is to represent interests of EU project’s partners and other European universities in the Asian part of Russia and to bring together the efforts of universities of Siberia and Europe for sharing and spreading European experience in the sphere of higher education on the territory of the Siberia, the Urals and the Far East of the Russian Federation.

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Main duties of the center are:

  • supervise the work on duly implementation of the SCEE project’s activities;
  • manage the web-site of the project;
  • enter in mutual agreements with the universities of the region and the neighbouring administrative subjects of Russian Federation as well as other organizations and public bodies located in the area (consulates of foreign countries, branches of Alliance Française, DAAD and others) in order to promote the main ideas of the SCEE initiative, to benefit from the outcomes achieved during the implementation of the project, to announce the future actions;
  • advertise possibilities for study and for continuation of study in European universities, explain the related issues and instruct on particular steps and procedures (visa, stay, cultural emerging etc.);
  • serve as an advisor for organizing possible mobilities on different levels (from students to administration);
  • provide an active help in organizing joint educational programs (double degree programs, mutual recognition of documents on education, adaptation of Russian academic programs (curricula) to European standards in the framework of the Bologna Process);
  • foster international cooperation between EU, Russia and other countries in the field of higher education;
  • promote its activities in public media;
  • take measures for expansion of the experiences gained and the results achieved during the project’s implementation outside Russia, notably to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region,
  • other initiatives planned towards joint with EU partners organization of and participation at conferences and summer schools, conducting mutual research, common activities on development of distance learning platforms and others.