Inauguration of SCEE center

On October 8, 2013 the Siberian Center of European Education (SCEE center) was inaugurated in Irkutsk. This center is created in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus - Action 3 - «Founding the Siberian Center of European Education, SCEE» project and is functioning already during some period at Baikal National University of Economics and Law (BNUEL).

The ceremony of inauguration was opened by Prof. Anna Kireenko, vice-rector for research at BNUEL.She wellcomed the guests of the ceremony and presented the SCEE center, its role, main functions and duties. Then, Prof. François Henn, vice-president for international relations at Université Montpellier 2, delivered awelcome speech. After that Prof. Véronique Montero, the SCEE project coordinator, Université Montpellier 2, presented the details of the SCEE project.

Among other speakers and guests at the conference were representatives of other universities – partners of the project and universities from Irkutsk, representatives of general consulates accredited in Irkutsk, of Irkutsk administration and Alliance Française.

During the second part of the inauguration ceremony the guests visited the SCEE center located in the building no. 8 of BNUEL at Lapina str. 1, office 8-203. Here the procedure of “grand opening” of the center took place followed by a cocktail and friendly discussions in an informal atmosphere. 

The SCEE inauguration held in Irkutsk was widely advertised and then publicized in the regional media. The Russian TV channel AIST filmed the ceremony and interviewed principal speakers of the conference. The material based on this material was broadcasted on local TV.  

The ceremony of inauguration was followed by the third regular coordination meeting of the consortiummembers where the progress on the implementation of the project to date was summarized and plan of future actions had been adjusted according to the progress achieved.


"SCEE center inauguration program"

Profs. Maria Aluchna and Piotr Boltuch, WSE, disscussing the possibility of establishing double diploma programs within SCEE projectIMG_0568IMG_0569IMG_0544IMG_0565IMG_0566IMG_0512Inauguration of the SCEE centerYoann Barbereau, director of Alliance Française in Irkutsk, speaking on French - Russian cooperation in the fields of education and culture IMG_0493Ioanna Szeliga, vice-consul of Republic of Poland in IrkutskIMG_0517IMG_0516Presentation of SCEE center by Prof. Anna Kireenko, vice-rector for research, BNUELMargarita Medvedeva, head of international programs at USUE, presenting the international programs at Ural State University of EconomicsSpeech by Prof. Tatiana Ozernikova, vice-rector for research, BNUELPresentation of SCEE project by Prof. Vérоnique Montero, project coordinator, UM2Welcome address by Prof. François Henn, Vice-president for international relations, UM2